What if losing weight wasn't impossible?


By Adil Ouajhi


1 and 1 coaching

The human being is the heart of my coaching. My goal is to give YOU back your confidence, to strengthen YOU and to transcend YOU at your own pace. 

In individual or group coaching, whatever your physical situation, I offer you a complete support towards the success of your goal. My follow-up is based on 3 axes: Sports, Nutritional and also Motivational.

I am also committed to making you laugh despite the pain, so that your weight loss is above all a pleasure and a rebirth. This is the key to success.

Let’s GO

It's your turn...

...to surpass yourself!


Together we will define a rational objective from which I will propose different kinds of training adapted to your physical level. I will follow you in your sports training so that you can get used to it, acquire a certain autonomy and surpass yourself, all this gradually.


Depending on your eating habits (or your bad habits), we will work together on a complete rebalancing of your eating lifestyle. My concept of good nutrition is not based on deprivation but on rationalising your needs. I will help you in the discovery of healthy and tasty food. 


Healthy mind, healthy body. That's why my personalised follow-up also focuses on your mindset. Together we will work on your motivation, your discipline and your determination in order to reach your ideal weight and also your well-being. 


My 3 lines


1 and 1 coaching

The heart of my offer lies in the personalized follow-up. It is a complete and daily support. It is based on sports and nutritional coaching as well as motivational coaching.


Cooking workshop

In addition, I offer healthy cooking workshops for people who want to discover how to cook better to eat better. 



Finally, in order to work on your motivation, I propose group training sessions where the group synergy will allow you to surpass yourself.  

Who am I?

A passionate

Adil Ouajhi, coach sport et nutrition à l'entrainement

"The meaning of life is to find one's gifts, the purpose of life is to give them to others." 

This quote from Pablo Picasso has always inspired me throughout my life.

Today, I am a qualified sports coach and I have practiced English boxing at a high level for 15 years. My determination matured on the rings and it is this same determination that leads me today to accompany you in your objective of losing weight and getting back into shape.
Indeed, determination is transmitted and this is what I wish to share with you, to make you admit that nothing is impossible and that your weight loss is in your hands. 

Since 2010, I have been helping my clients to transform their physique in a sustainable way thanks to a rational, reasonable diet, without deprivation and an adapted training.

I have decided to practice my profession against the grain of current practices. Coaching is becoming digitalized, formatted, and unfortunately loses much of its humanity and effectiveness. In my approach, I have opted for proximity with a close, adapted and daily follow-up where I favour face-to-face contact with my clients as much as possible. My priority is the human relationship I develop with you in order to become aware of your deepest needs, to transmit to you the necessary weapons and the method that will be the most adapted to you because each individual is unique. 


Join the team!

My fighters


Find a selection of feedbacks shared by my fighters.

I knew him by word of mouth. Adil is a top coach. He's always there to answer my questions, always listening. Coaching has become a ritual. I still need it today because it is part of my daily life.

I lost 18 kg, I reached my goal. I am now 61kg and I am proud of it. Thanks to him, I have regained my pre-pregnancy body. In addition to the coaching, he makes great dietary programs which allowed me to find a healthy life...thanks again! And we don't give up! You are the best!


Adil is by far the best coach I have found, he doesn't just give exercises, he goes further mentally. He offers a really motivating support programme with a daily follow-up, whether it's food or sport. And it works!

His good humour and his positivism are clearly extras that push you to give your best. Pedagogical and conscientious, he motivates you but above all makes you work efficiently... My thighs and abs know a few things about it! I recommend him 100%.


I met Adil first in group classes, then in personalized coaching in the wish to improve myself in my passion which is boxing. Yes, in addition to being an experienced and very complete teacher, he has a secret weapon: he is a very good boxer and will make you go beyond your limits or simply make you discover boxing, a complete sport which combines technique, coordination and cardio.

All this in a very contagious good mood. I recommend this great teacher with my eyes closed!



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